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On this page, you will find all reviews and mentions of Cardcetera & Cardcetera Cards on sites of others. Missing a review? Or do you want to write a review or write something about Cardcetera? Please contact us at info <at>

Review: The French Connection (Engels)
Lise, all the way from the Philippines, wrote a review about our French oriented set on her blog Posts and Pens. A quote:

Have you ever seen postcards that bring you back to your favorite places or make you wish you could be in those places? Take a look at “The French Connection” and see if you don’t start feeling wistful, too.

Review: The French Connection (Engels)
Jen from Germany also wrote about The French Connection and posted some amazing pictures on her blog Papered Notes. A quote:

The day I found them in my mailbox and saw how gorgeous each and every postcard is I fell in love with them all.

I’ve collected postcards for years already and never saw such a great looking french themed postcard set.

Review: The French Connection (Engels)
Hilarie wrote her review on The French Connection on her haar blog Hello Mr. Postman. A quote:

Also, the texture is perfect for writing on.  Have you ever found an amazing postcard only to be disappointed because the ink from your favorite pen smears — even after you delicately set it aside to dry?  Ok, maybe that’s just me, but that won’t be happening here — you can put the fine tip, permanent marker away.


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