The Postcard Cure week 46: Brand New!

Every time we receive a shipment with new Cardcetera Cards we are excited – will the postcards be what we expect them to be? When we are choosing the pictures we have an idea of what the postcard will be – but when actually publising it, colors can become slightly different and there is always the part of cutting the cards – there is a safety marging that can be cut of. So untill we actually have the cards in our hands, there is always a bit of tension. Friday, we received 4 brand new postcards in our very own collection. 3 were made by Els and are additions to some of our populair themes: cats, seasons and vintage. And the other one is inspired by another hobby of Astrid: baking bread! When we look at the ingredients on this card, it might very well be an Italian bread – so we could also have seen this as an addition to our Bella Italia theme. Instead, we choose to add this to the dining series.

So, in this weeks The Postcard Cure we proudly present you the newest 4 Cardcetera Cards, plus the numbers 45 and 46 as we have not properly introduced those to you 🙂 With these 6 cards, our collection has grown to 50 cards. But don´t forget we also have the two themed sets The French Connection and The Dutch Connection! You can not only get them in our store – the cards are available for wholesale – but also at Paris Paradis, Van Straten & Co, Hip & Stip, The Postcardgarden and Postzegelerop! Well not these 6 ones – as we wrote: these are brand new. And now only 65 cents – untill Monday the 18th, when we will introduce you to our newest theme in The Postcard Cure!

In week 47, our theme will be zen – some postcards to send that feeling to others or start feeling zen yourself. See you next week!

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The Postcard Cure week 45: Riddles

Nobody guessed it – but maybe a lot of you did think about it? Sounds like a riddle? Well, that was a bit of our clue to you for the theme of this weeks The Postcard Cure: we told you that we would have some little riddles for you this week. Still no idea? The answer is as easy as Lali Riddle postcards! These great cards are published by the French Publisher Edition des Correspondances and are often favourited at the Postcrossing website.

As the name already tells you, these are cards with a riddle that needs to be solved. The riddle is written on the front of the card, in this case in Dutch (the cards are also available in German and French as far as we know – but we only sell the Dutch ones). But rest assure: the image will make it clear to you what it is all about – so these cards are also a lot of fun when you don´t understand Dutch. And in case you don´t fully understand the text or don´t know the answer: on the back of the card, in the top left corner, there is a small square which hides the answer. You just need to scratch off the layer! These cards are also very nice to send to children, for example for their birthday or during a holiday. All of the cards we currently have in our store are now only 85 cents – only in week 45 as they are now featured in The Postcard Cure!

Next week the theme is brand new, as in brand new Cardcetera Cards!

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The Postcard Cure week 44: Illustrated Love

Well tell us, did you wonder last week what we would mean with illustrations of love and romance? Maybe it would have been more clear if we had called it illustrated love right away! Yes – we have selected some great square postcards from our Editions des Correspondances assortment for you – showing love in all sorts of forms! Because isn’t love the best there is? And on these great square cards you can write just a little bit more to the people you care about. Great cards by artists Gaelle Boissonnard, Marie Cardouat, Mila Gablasova and Marie-Anne Foucart. Come visit our store and find this weeks selection in The Postcard Cure with 15% off! Remember: one week only!

Illustrated love

Next week we have some little riddles for you in The Postcard Cure – can you guess what that means? And hopefully, we will be able to post it on our brand new site – that we are trying to finnish by November 1st.

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The Postcard Cure week 43: Autumn

There is no denying it: autumn is here. At least, in our part of Europe it is. This weekend, the clock will go to the wintertime. Here at the Cardcetera headquarters the heating has been turned on and we have already spend some time with a plaid on the coach. Sometimes we wish for the summer to be back – especially when we have to walk to the mailbox to send out those packages to you and it rains hard (we don´t want those envelopes to get wet!) – but well let´s be honest: autumn is also the time to spend hours reading, watching movies and / or writing postcards and letters. So this week, in a brand new edition of The Postcard Cure, we are celebrating autumn! We have a gorgeous set with autumn cards, but we also picked 6 cards especially for this week. They show you the best autumn has to offer! And you can now find them in our store, with a 15% discount. Only in week 43.

AutumnNext week? Illustrations of romance and love. Sounds cryptical? Wait untill you see the cards that go with this theme! See you next week. Untill then: follow our updates on Facebook too!

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The Postcard Cure week 42: Congratulations! You did it!

111682 10x Chapeau!

Congratulations – you did it

A little later than normal, but for a reason – because as we wrote last week, this weeks edition would be featuring cards that say ‘Congratulations! You did it!’ to celebrate Astrids first half marathon! And yes, she finished. So this weeks selection has some cards that say ‘well done’ and some cards that say ‘time to celebrate’ and some card that show with what we celebrate. All cards can now be found in our store – with the usual 15% off!

And if you want to see congratulations to Astrid: feel free to leave a comment 🙂 Next week, we will feature cards that show you the best that autumn has to offer in  The Postcard Cure: Autumn!

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The Postcard Cure week 41: World Post Day

World Post Day logoAs we wrote last week, this weeks edition of The Postcard Cure would be all about World Post Day, celebrated each year on October 9th. What we didn´t know then, was that there would be an amazing promotion around this special day organised by our favourite mailproject, Postcrossing! Paulo mailed us to ask if we, togheter will other advertisers of the project, wanted to participate in a special online event to promote this festive day. Of course we said yes – and all the information on all the stores that are giving you discounts can now be found on the Postcrossing blog!

But for you, follower of our blog, we have something special on this Monday morning: the code for a 15% discount on everything in our shop! Yes, 15% not on just a selection of cards, but on all cards in our collection! Valid from now untill October 10th, 23.59 Dutch time. What is the code you ask? It is pcmailday2013 – you have to use it in your basket.

What you could buy? How about some of these postcards that are mailrelated?

Next week, a ´normal´ The Postcard Cure! But not a 100% normal as it will be the day after Astrid completes a half marathon for the first time in her life. So, the theme of week 42 will be ´Congratulations! You did it!´ See you then!

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The Postcard Cure week 40: Publisher Bildreich

Missed us last week? Due to a holiday, we were unable to post a new The Postcard Cure, but if you follow us on Facebook, you saw we had a replacement to cure your Monday Morning Blues: a free Swedish lotery in which we gave away 6 Moomin and Swedish Royalty cards. Not a fan on Facebook yet? Do it now – it is worth it 🙂

For this last week in our Publishers month, we choose publisher Bildreich from Switzerland. The postcards are well known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – but the rest of the world still needs to discover these great postcards! Bildreich was founded in 2003 by photographer Martina Issler. In the 10 years the company excists, Martina has added an online shop and a Bildreich-cafe (in Zurich) to the business. All the pictures on the postcards are made by Martina and she covers a lot of subjects. We are fond of her book-cards and the cards featuring coffee and wine. There are also great cards with flowers and outside views, like gardens and buildings. O and don´t forget the great Christmas-cards. We selected 10 cards for this weeks The Postcard Cure; featuring a lot of these topics. These 10 cards are only 75 cents this week – find them in our store now!

Next week, The Postcard Cure will be all about World Post Day – which is each year on October 9th. World Post Day marks the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s establishment in the US and has become an international event.

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