The Postcard Cure weeks 52 and 1: Favourites of 2013 (part 2)

As we wrote last week: this week in The Postcard Cure our favourite postcards by other publishers (as in: others than Cardcetera Cards) and added to our collection in 2013.   These cards have also been added to the special page in our store where you can find all the cards that are part of the favourites of 2013.

We added many new cards to the collections of publishers we have had in our store for a while in 2013. A brand that we love a lot is Skowronski and Koch (Skoko or S&K). In 2013, they came up with some great new cards on special paper. We fell in love with them and ordered a big selection. A selection you seem to like as well, as you have been ordering a lot of the cards. But we still have some left and we added them to our selection of favourites of 2013.

With some publishers, we added cards by artists we did not have in our assortment yet. When we added the cards by Marie Courdouat, an artist on Editions des Correspondances, we were amazed at how popular those were right away. So it was not very hard to decide to add her cards to our favourites of 2013! We got some new cards in November – so these are now in the selection and are now available with a big discount.

And next to that, we also added complete new brands in 2013. Our favourite, well it will probably not be a surprise to you as we have been writing about her cards a lot already: Gwenaëlle Trolez! We will be adding new cards in 2014 – promised. But now, enjoy some of our favourites of 2013 – for only 90 cents!

We already added the postcards last Friday after we infored our loyal customers through our newsletter –  and some of the cards already sold out! Yes – you miss something if you are not registered for our newsletter 🙂 So we added new cards – in the hope you enjoy them just a much! All promotions are valid untill January 5th, 2014 or as long as stock lasts.

In week 2, we will continue with The Postcard Cure as usual – a selection of 6 themed cards with a 10% discount. The theme for week 2? Winter – what else did you expect?


Over Astrid

Duizendpoot, freelance tekstschrijver & redacteur & projectleider, wannabe schrijver van niet een maar twee boeken, fanatiek lezer, eigenaar webshop in kaarten Cardcetera, eigenaar tekstbureau Flytande, vrouw, zus, dochter, vriendin, hobby kok, dol op post, levensgenieter, hardloopster. Al deze onderwerpen komen (uiteindelijk) vast aan bod in een of meerdere blog berichten.
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