The Postcard Cure week 49 and 50: Christmas cards

It´s the season! As a fan of postcards, December is one of my favourite months. Even people that usually don´t send any postcards will send cards for Christmas so that means even more mail! I have already received my first Christmas card from an American postcardpal, so the time to start writing my own Christmas cards has finally arrived. Hooray! With all this information in mind, you probably won´t be surprised to read that the theme of this week and next weeks The Postcard Cure is Christmas cards! 2 weeks – as I think these are the weeks you will have to buy those cards – if you wait any longer, they will never arrive before Christmas! We have a special selection with Christmas cards – many of them for a nice price. There are 3 postcard sets with Christmas cards from some of your favourite publishers we want to give some extra attention to! And of course these cards come with our traditional The Postcard Cure discount!

Square cards Candy

Square cards Candy

Gwenaëlle Trolez Christmas Cards
Trolez postcards is one of the brands we introduced to you in 2013 after a tip of one of our favourite customers 🙂 We immediately fell in love with her cards and by now, we have quite a big selection of Gwenaëlles postcards in stock. Of course we had to add some of her great Christmas cards as well. We have some great giftcards – in a package of 6 – but we also made a set with a special price of her Candy-cards. Square cards, so extra special! The cards have a Christmas feeling, but as it doesn´t say Merry Chirstmas on them, we think you can send them year round! So this can also be purchased as a gift for someone special.

Santa in Venice!

Santa in Venice!

Inkognito Christmas Cards
Inkognito has a great selection of cards – the details don´t always show at a first glance but that is part of the charm of these cards. You can look at them again and again and see new things every time. Great! We already had some Christmas postcards from this German publisher, but now we also added a set with 3 greetingcards in a great Christmas style. Limited time only!

Cardcetera´s first Christmas card!

Cardcetera´s first Christmas card!

Cardcetera Christmas Cards
We didn´t want to do it at first, make our own Christmas cards in the Cardcetera Cards collection. But well when we saw this image we felt we had to do something with it and the only option was… make a Christmas card out of it! To introduce you to the Cardcetera Christmas Cards we have a special offer: 10 cards for only 5 euro instead of 7,90. And of course these 10 cards come with the free gift package! So you could also get one as a gift for a friend 🙂 This offer is valid untill December 23rd – but well if you want to send out the cards internationally, we would suggest you buy them a bit earlier 🙂


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