Cardcetera and Sinterklaas: win a set of postcards

~~ Nederlandse versie hier! ~~

Speculaas bakken hoort voor ons bij Sinterklaas!

Speculaas moulds -part of the Sinterklaas tradition!

Today, on Saturday the 16th of November, Sinterklaas arrives in The Netherlands – and he will stay untill his birthday on December 5th. A day he celebrates by giving children all sorts of gift – not just on his birthday, but also in the weeks before – and by having grown ups make poems and surprise packages for each other. A time filled with that feeling of ‘ what will I get, what will the poem say, is there a joke or is it all very serious.’ Also a time filled with the tradition of eating & baking  ‘pepernoten’ and speculaas – recipe in English here! No matter how old we get this time of year will always be special to us. Maybe even more special than Christmas – though the nicely decorated tree, many (Chrismas) postcards in our mailbox and a glass off glühwein is also very nice. Well you know what, we won’t make a choice which feast we like more, ok?

But, this year Cardcetera will celebrate Sinterlaas with a nice give-away! Every now and then, we get the question if we want to donate some postcards for a special project – sometimes for official projects like Project Postvriend, sometimes for people that are writing to penpals in countries where postcards are hard to get. We can’t participate in or sponsor all postcards – but now that it is Sinterlaas (a time of sharing), we want to do something special. So, we decided on a nice give-away!   You can ask us to send a set of 10 postcardsUitsnede, witte achtergrondto someone you think deserves an extra surprise gift. This can be any reason you think of – a happy one (you have been penpals for 10 years or friends since kindergarten) or a sad one (your mother needs bedrest as she has a hernia). Any reason you can think of is valid.

Let us know who you want to surprise with a great set of postcards and why you think that person deserves this gift. If we pick your person, you will also get a set of cards. We will be giving away 3 times 2 sets in total – so on the English and Dutch blog togheter.

So, what do you need to do to enter this give-away?

  1. Respond on the blog on November 30th, 2013 at the latest. Let us know in your response who you want to get this set of postcards and why you think he or she deserves this present.
  2. Send us a message on Facebook or send an e-mail to with the both the address of the person you want to surprise and your own address.
  3. You can only enter once, so you can only give us the name of one person.
  4. Want to have a bigger chance of winning this give-away? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share this give-away. You don’t have to do it – but there is an extra chance you will win if you do share our news.

On Sunday, December 1st we will decide who the winners are and send out the packages. On December 5th, the day of Sinterklaas’ birthday, will also post the names on the blog and on Facebook!


Over Astrid

Duizendpoot, freelance tekstschrijver & redacteur & projectleider, wannabe schrijver van niet een maar twee boeken, fanatiek lezer, eigenaar webshop in kaarten Cardcetera, eigenaar tekstbureau Flytande, vrouw, zus, dochter, vriendin, hobby kok, dol op post, levensgenieter, hardloopster. Al deze onderwerpen komen (uiteindelijk) vast aan bod in een of meerdere blog berichten.
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5 reacties op Cardcetera and Sinterklaas: win a set of postcards

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  3. Michele Gouveia Allen zegt:

    I think my awesome postcard friend, Outi, should get a free set! She is always very generous in her postcards and sends very, very nice cards. She is just a great person – I have never even met her but I can tell she is worth it! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

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  5. Fleur Crepin zegt:

    I’d love to surprise my dear japanese penfriend Miho : she’s amazing, has a huge sense of humour and it will be a lovely way to celebrate a very long friendship !

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