The Postcard Cure: week 32 – Multiples

Is it the holiday period in your region too? And if you are working right now, doesn’t it make the Monday seem a bit longer? Weather you are working right now or not and weather it’s a holiday period or not – it still is Monday and that means a new The Postcard Cure!  As we said last week, this weeks theme is multiples. Now we know that you will think ‘Atelier! Nouvelles Images!’ – but well as those cards are so wel known to you and we came up with The Postcard Cure to introduce you to some new brands for a low price, we are not featuring those cards. Want to protest that? Let us hear it 🙂 But well to convince you we mean well: 12 cards instead of 6 in this weeks edition.

One of the brands that has amazing multiple cards is Art Unlimited – or as the publisher is now called Museum Edition. Recently, they published some great multiples with works by Paul Giovanopoulus. Amazing works!

The other publisher we are featuring this week is Gwenaëlle Trolez. The postcards in her series Labels can all be labeled as multiples too. We are big fans of all of the cards by Gwenaëlle – time to make more people aware of her wonderful style in creating postcards.

So, convince yourself and get some of these great cards now – we promise you won´t be  disappointed! All the cards in this weeks The Postcard Cure can now be found with a 15 % discount in our store – enjoy!

Next weeks theme will be Volkswagens – their vans are used often as campers, perfect for this time of year so a good reason to make them the shining star of a new The Postcard Cure. And remember: if there is a theme you want us to feature, let us know. Untill next week!


Over Astrid

Duizendpoot, freelance tekstschrijver & redacteur & projectleider, wannabe schrijver van niet een maar twee boeken, fanatiek lezer, eigenaar webshop in kaarten Cardcetera, eigenaar tekstbureau Flytande, vrouw, zus, dochter, vriendin, hobby kok, dol op post, levensgenieter, hardloopster. Al deze onderwerpen komen (uiteindelijk) vast aan bod in een of meerdere blog berichten.
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