Friday tip: holiday diaries & holidaybooks

Hartung - At the campside

Hartung – At the campside

Soon, you won´t be only saying thank god it´s Friday, but thank god the summer holiday is here – time for yourself: reading, writing, sun, sea, beach, walking, camping – well you get the picture! We hope you will all have a chance to enjoy the summer in a way you like, whatever that way is. We have some tips for you today for holiday dairies – just in case you need a nice way to make a book of memories of this years holiday.

Ready to go: buy a holidaybook
Here in the Netherlands, as kids we used to have holiday scrapbooks by Donald Duck or Tina – a Dutch magazine for teenage girls. Some people could read in them, make puzzles and draw pictures in them the whole summer, others read them overnight. There are quite some of the summer holiday books for grown ups now – for instance the Dutch Magazine Flow makes a holidaybook and has international versions of the magazine too (recommended!). But you can also get this VakantieDoeBoek or the 3rd edition of the Robin Magazin with the theme retro summer – featuring some great Cardcetera postcards! These are all Dutch magazines – but there most be international ones too! You can write in them, read in them and find great do it yourself tips in them. If you have tips for these kinds of magazines from your country, feel free to post them in the comments!

Make your own holiday scrapbook!

Reading - another favourite activity during the holiday!

Reading – another favourite activity during the holiday!

Don´t want to buy a holidaybook or can´t find one in your language? Make your own book! Just buy a nice journal, for instance at Papierdier or a one of a kind notebook at oldtime favourite Etsy. If you only look at these journals and notebooks you want to start writing! At least, we do… You can make some pages extra special by using masking tape – we love the ones from MT! You can buy masking tape at so many many places – for instance at Studio Stationery or, well again, Etsy. Our latest favourite however is the recipe masking tape by MT – available at Postparierenzo. Also great for your recipebook… You can just wrip the tape, so no scissors necessary – covenient when you are at the pool and didn´t bring hem. Or just some great stickers from Nouvelles Images or choose these nostalgic poetry images. Ofcourse you will have to add some postcards to this scrapbook! Bought, send, received – everything will do.

Or for something completely different: a diary on postcards!

Writing a diary on postcards - why not!

Writing a diary on postcards – why not!

Well yes, we love postcards – if we didn´t we would not have opened up our own postcard store. So this tip, you might have seen it coming! You can also use postcards to create your holiday diary – buy one at each place or city you visit this summer and write your story on them. Or if that is too crazy – you might want to write some long stories – just add them to your notebook. Or if you prefer your cards written and stamped: just send yourself a card from each destination! You could also ask a friend to swap with you –she can send cards from the places she goes to and you can do the same. Or you can send the cards to your friend and ask her nicely to give them back to you after the holidays. Better to pick a friend that is not that much into postcards… Looking for a postcard that just says ´SUMMERTIME!´? Of course we can help you with that! If you are Dutch or if you are going to visit or lovely country this summer: The Duch Connection set really says ´Ik houd van Holland!´ (I love the Netherlands). Or choose this great set with beach-cards by Hartung – extra big, so you can write a lot!

And if you made anything like this during your summer holidays: we love to see pictures of your creative postcard project on our Facebook page!


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