The Postcard Cure: week 19 – Books & reading

Week 3 of The Postcard Cure: our way of helping you cope a little better with the Monday Blues. As we wrote last week: this weeks theme is books. Well, books & reading. We are avid readers – so it won´t come as a surprise to you that we also enjoy postcards showing books and reading people. Some top-secret information: we are also planning to release some more books & reading related postcards in the second half of 2013. But don´t tell anyone – it´s a secret 😉

Many publishers have great cards showing books – but we think Ars Vivendi has the nicest ones. The photographers making their cards must be avid readers too. So it won´t come as a surprise to you that in this weeks selection of cards with a discount there are quite a few from Ars Vivendi. Bildreich and our own Cardcetera Cards complete the selection of 6 cards that are available for special price this whole week! You can now find them in our webshop – enjoy. Remember: the special prices are only valid this week!

Next week: as we will be going on holiday soon, the theme for next week is sea, sun and holiday!


Over Astrid

Duizendpoot, freelance tekstschrijver & redacteur & projectleider, wannabe schrijver van niet een maar twee boeken, fanatiek lezer, eigenaar webshop in kaarten Cardcetera, eigenaar tekstbureau Flytande, vrouw, zus, dochter, vriendin, hobby kok, dol op post, levensgenieter, hardloopster. Al deze onderwerpen komen (uiteindelijk) vast aan bod in een of meerdere blog berichten.
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Een reactie op The Postcard Cure: week 19 – Books & reading

  1. nocenk zegt:

    Hey there!
    We’re looking forward to your new book related with postcards!
    We love postcards too!=)

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