Valentines give-away and secret postcards

We love postcards!


Just like last year, we are organizing a Valentines day competition / give-away. Why? Well because Astrid is just an old-fashioned romantic and wants to spread the LOVE– that is why 🙂 This year, we came up with the following idea: a double give-away. You tell us who you would want us to send a Valentines card to and why. We will pick 3 people and send a card to the person they asked us to send a card to. But, we will also send a package of postcards to the 3 winners – ain´t that nice? Your loved one gets a card and you get something too! Plus, Astrid gets to send and write 6 cards – which she just loves. So everybody wins here @Cardcetera!

So, what do you need to do? No you don´t have to order – this give-away is free and open for anyone that wants to surprise someone. There are 3 simple steps you need to take:

  1. Post a response here on the blog and tell us in your reaction who should get your card and why. This can be anyone: a brother, sister, mother, father, husband, wife, penpal…
  2. Send us an e-mail (cardcetera <at> with the address of the person you want us to send a card to, plus your own address – if we pick your reaction, you will get cards too!
  3. Post about this give-away on either Twitter (use @Cardcetera in your Tweet) or share this blog or one of our statusses on Facebook. If you don´t, your reaction isn´t valid!
Writing postcards

Writing postcards!

That is all! You have untill Saturday the 9th of February 2013 to respond and send your e-mail with the addresses. We will pick the winners on the 10th and send the cards out then – but as we do not want to spoil the surprise, we won´t post who won untill Februari 15th – so it will be a surprise on the 14th if you get the cards.

One last thing: we will try to get the cards there on exactly the 14th – but we can´t garantee this will actually work as we have to depend on the postal service doing it´s work. So if you want to be a 100% sure your loved one gets a card on Valentines day itself, well please send one yourself!


Over Astrid

Duizendpoot, freelance tekstschrijver & redacteur & projectleider, wannabe schrijver van niet een maar twee boeken, fanatiek lezer, eigenaar webshop in kaarten Cardcetera, eigenaar tekstbureau Flytande, vrouw, zus, dochter, vriendin, hobby kok, dol op post, levensgenieter, hardloopster. Al deze onderwerpen komen (uiteindelijk) vast aan bod in een of meerdere blog berichten.
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7 reacties op Valentines give-away and secret postcards

  1. Erica zegt:

    Oh, what a great action.

    The one person who came to my mind instantly, is my dad’s girlfriend. Since he died (on March 17 a year ago) she had a hard time living without him. In the beginning, we’ve talked and talked but at one point – a few weeks after the birth of my daughter – that stopped. I think she’s very lonely and for some strange reason, I’m a bit scared to call her. Afraid of how she will react. So she could really use a bit of extra love, because she’s missing her soulmate so badly.

  2. biszumtod zegt:

    I’d choose to send this to one of my best friends (10 years and counting). Last year she had a very bad year…many terrible things happened in her life, family, job, and more. She has been depressed and has lost her optimism. I think it would cheer her up to get mail and know that I am thinking of her (of course I’ve been sending her Cardcetera cards, too)!

    Thank you for such a thoughtful giveaway. It’s sure to make some people very happy!

  3. etrevinoxo zegt:

    A person that I choose is my little sister. For the first time in our lives she is away at college. I’m proud that she went, but I miss her very much. She is also terribly homesick and wants to move back home and go to the local college. A card would help cheer her up and know that even though we all miss each other, her education comes first and no matter what she decides we’ll support her.

  4. Danielle zegt:

    Hello! A good friend who is going through some difficult times health-wise would love a Valentine postcard to brighten her day! In any case I’ll be sending something to cheer her up so will keep my finger’s crossed that maybe she’ll get a little something extra, too!

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  6. biszumtod zegt:

    I was so surprised to receive one of the postcard packages in my mail this morning. Thank you, Astrid! 🙂 I am sick with the flu, so it makes a bad day more bearable. Much gratitude to you all for a wonderful giveaway.

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