Special for Valentines: who do you want to send a secret card to?

Sweets for my sweet

Valentines day – not everybody thinks this is the most romantic day of the year. And that is saying it mildly… We from Cardcetera think this is a good day to send someone special an (extra) postcard. And this could be anybody you love – not just your (secret) lover, but also your loyal friends, your parents, a penpal or a special collegue. They all deserve a card.


As a web shop specializing in postcards, we want to help you really surprise someone with a special, secret card. Because that makes this day extra special: a card by someone unknown and finding out who arranged this for you.

You can participate in this action by letting us know who you want to send a postcard to and why this person deserves a card. Just leave your response on this page, or respond on Facebook. Or, if you think the person you want to surprise might also read this blog, you can also send us an e-mail or a message through the website. Just choose one of these ways – you don´t have to send more than one message. We will choose the 3 most orginal or sweet responses and will send out the cards to the named person. This way the card will be a real secret – and you can decide when you want to reveal it was you that arranged for this card.

FairMail kaarten - cards send from the heart

Note: you don´t have to place an order – anyone can join this action. You can only enter the competition once, for one person. And: it doesn´t matter where the person lives. The adres you give us, will only be used to send out the card, not for anything else.

On Februari 7th, we will contact the winners and ask them for the address. Make sure you can reply quickly and that we have your e-mailadress!

The ladies of Cardcetera love Valentines by the way! In our store, we tagged all the postcards we think are fit to send out  for the day of love with the words Valentine, Valentijn and Valentijnsdag, so you can find them with the search option on our site!


Over Astrid

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9 reacties op Special for Valentines: who do you want to send a secret card to?

  1. Vladisa zegt:

    I would like to send lovely card for my husband Alexander!
    We are together since 1999..
    After the death of my husband, he helped me bring my two children from his first marriage, daughter of Julia and her son Constantine. Now they’re both adults.
    I love my husband, I respect him and help in every way. We all love to do together, and especially to cook in the kitchen)
    You can not believe it, but we still often go hand in hand and talking to each other all sorts of lovely words.
    Good night, darling, I hear every night
    Good morning, darling, I hear every morning
    I meet him at home with a kiss, he leaves for work early in the morning, too, kisses me…
    we simultaneously dial the number with each other on a mobile phone when bored…

    Tell me this is love?))))

    Svetlana aka Vladisa

  2. Olga zegt:

    I would like to send lovely card for my husband, Roman
    We have been married 4 years, but knew 14 years since high school … My husband loves me since high school, all the years that we were not together, he always congratulated me on my birthday, and often just gave flowers. He loved and believed in waiting …
    Now, when we are together, he treats me very carefully and gently. He knows that I love tulips and at any time, he gives them to me)) The last time I received a bouquet of tulips January 24, 2012. Imagine how great it is -30 outside, and there are tulips in a vase!

    I love my husband and I do it often surprises)) I think the postcard from you will be one of the best surprise!

    In my heart love lives)))

  3. Natalia zegt:

    I would like to send a secret card for Valentine`s Day to my darling Sam))
    We`ve got acquainted at romantic age, I was 17 and he-19. We`ve fallen in love, but our ways have dispersed. I`m always trust in Destiny! Generally in our first meeting I thought that he is man of my dreams, person with whom I would like to live all my life)) And 10 years later, after unfortunate relationship, having left behind his marriage, my loneliness, we together again! We have unexpectedly met (what a great luck!!) and understood that all at last has risen on the places… We together just half ayear, but it seems like we never were one by one…
    I love his smile, love his wrinkles around eyes, his voice and touch of hands, love that with him I feel myself…a real woman! He protects me, he makes me laugh, he cares of me, he make me happy!
    He`s my number one! And I hope that we will be together till the end…
    Secret card will be just a reminding of my love, which about I speak everyday, lot of times. And so all further life…
    Sam! Love you, darling :-*
    Forever yours…

  4. Valentina zegt:

    Thanks for this great opportunity! I’d like to send a postcard to my boyfriend, Yihan. We met each other 3 years ago in Norway. He is still living there because of his job, but I had to go back to Italy to finish my studies. Despite all the difficoulties and the distance, we went against the odds (as he likes to say) and we managed to make our relationship last 🙂 We fly here and there every once in awhile to see each other, but since then we had never the occasion to spend a 14th of Feb. together. I love to surprise him and show him what he means to me in every way I can 🙂
    If I could write him a message, I’d like to tell him how lucky I was to meet him. He is the reason why I keep on fighting and I want to thank him for his love and understanding! He is always on my mind, no matter how far he is.
    I want to believe we will be together soon!! Love love love him!!!

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  6. Henriëtte zegt:

    I would love to send a Valentine card to “smama/ Mrs. A .” . Just to thank her for “being there” and “more ” 🙂

  7. Henriëtte zegt:

    It’s “her” 🙂

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