101 reasons to write a postcard

On our Facebook-page, we have started to collect 101 reason, besides Postcrossing that is, to write a postcard. We will be posting the reasons here too – but follow us on Facebook to get the reasons the moment they are published!

Have a good reason that you want to add to our list? We love to hear it! Send us a message at info <at> cardcetera.com.

  1. I heard a song and I thought of you! It has been a while since I heard from you, so here is my asking ´Hi, how are you doing?´ – This card goes well with it.
  2. I wanted to write you a letter, but as I do not have a lot of time I am writing this postcard to let you know I am thinking about you AND will write a letter soon. (Ofcourse you can also add a postcard to your letter!) – This card goes well with it.
  3. I know we haven´t seen eachother for a while, but I wanted to let you know I am thinking about you. You are not forgotten! – This card goes well with it.
  4. TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday! I would love to go for an afternoon drink with you, but as we can´t do that right now I am sending you this paper drink. Cheers! Let´s meet soon. – This card goes well with it.
  5. Let´s go to the movies, let´s go see a star! I saw that this great movies will be premiering soon, shall we go there togheter? – This card goes well with it.
  6. I read a great book that I want to recommend to you – it´s called… – These cards go well with it.
  7. Finally, spring is here! I wanted to share this great feeling with you and found this sunny card. – These cards go well with it.
  8. It is queesday. I found so many nice items on the vrijmarkt and I wanted to share some of these treasures with you!
  9. I´m free today, as it is the National Worker´s Day. What better use of the day than writing postcards? So here is me popping in and sending something nice to your mailbox!
  10. I saw your Smarter every day postcard call and wanted to add to your amazing postcard wall project with this card.
  11. The first weekend in May there is the yearly Postcrossing London-meeting. We didn´t get to go there this year, but let´s book the weekend for next year and go there!
  12. It´s national postcard week, so I decided on sending some dear friends a postcard and show them how nice it is to find a postcard in the mailbox. – This card goes well with it.
  13. It is spring and I just saw the first butterfly of the year & I wanted to share that feeling with you! – These cards go well with it.
  14. It is (almost) mothersday. Sorry I am not there this Sunday, but ofcourse I´m thinking about you. Love, your daughter.
  15. It is world fairtrade day today and I found this postcard when visiting the Wereldwinkel. So: happy word fairtrade day!
  16. You are going on a holiday. Enjoy – I hope you will be able to relax in the sun!

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