The Postcard Cure weeks 52 and 1: Favourites of 2013 (part 2)

As we wrote last week: this week in The Postcard Cure our favourite postcards by other publishers (as in: others than Cardcetera Cards) and added to our collection in 2013.   These cards have also been added to the special page in our store where you can find all the cards that are part of the favourites of 2013.

We added many new cards to the collections of publishers we have had in our store for a while in 2013. A brand that we love a lot is Skowronski and Koch (Skoko or S&K). In 2013, they came up with some great new cards on special paper. We fell in love with them and ordered a big selection. A selection you seem to like as well, as you have been ordering a lot of the cards. But we still have some left and we added them to our selection of favourites of 2013.

With some publishers, we added cards by artists we did not have in our assortment yet. When we added the cards by Marie Courdouat, an artist on Editions des Correspondances, we were amazed at how popular those were right away. So it was not very hard to decide to add her cards to our favourites of 2013! We got some new cards in November – so these are now in the selection and are now available with a big discount.

And next to that, we also added complete new brands in 2013. Our favourite, well it will probably not be a surprise to you as we have been writing about her cards a lot already: Gwenaëlle Trolez! We will be adding new cards in 2014 – promised. But now, enjoy some of our favourites of 2013 – for only 90 cents!

We already added the postcards last Friday after we infored our loyal customers through our newsletter –  and some of the cards already sold out! Yes – you miss something if you are not registered for our newsletter 🙂 So we added new cards – in the hope you enjoy them just a much! All promotions are valid untill January 5th, 2014 or as long as stock lasts.

In week 2, we will continue with The Postcard Cure as usual – a selection of 6 themed cards with a 10% discount. The theme for week 2? Winter – what else did you expect?

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The Postcard Cure week 51: Favourites of 2013 (part 1)

We are a bit late this week with posting The Postcard Cure – it has everything to do with the fact that it is VERY hard to choose the favourites of 2013. Going through the new cards of this year also brought back some of our highlights and well, as we all know when you start thinking about memories, you get lost in time… So, we decided to make a part 1 and 2 of our  favourites. This week our favourite new Cardcetera Cards in 2013 and next week our favourite new postcards from other publishers. We also decided to make this a special The Postcard Cure – as these are the last ones of 2013. There is now a special page in our store where you can find all the cards that are part of the favourites of 2013.

In 2013, we added two new series to our Cardcetera Cards brand. We started with The French Connection: 8 cards inspired by Astrids love for France and more in particular Paris. The postcards have a full colour back and front – the back is designed by Kris; famous for her wonderfull By Kris postcards. You all seem to like to cards as much as we do and they were also added to the assortiment of some other webshops – a new milestone for us! After that, we of course wanted to introduce a Dutch set as well as after all we are a Dutch company and we want the Dutch Postcrossing community to be able to send out something nice! We had a photo-competition for the first picture, that was won by Sandra de Haan, and around the day our new Dutch king was crowned, we introduced The Dutch Connection to you – another set with a full colour back and front, with the back again being designed by Kris. And these cards were also added to other webstores – another milestone!

But we also published new cards in our general collection of Cardcetera Cards. With that series, we want to publish a collection of cards you can buy in advance and send on as many occasions as possible – because we believe there are 101 reasons to send postcards! If you have some cards at home all the time that you can send on any occasion, it is much easier to send them out when you think of a reason yourself or want to send one out when we post a new reason 🙂 We added new cards to our popular series of Cats-postcards; all of the images on those cards are made by the talented Els Oostveen. We also added cards to the serie Dinning and we started a new theme: Seasons.

With all these new postcards in our own collection, it was hard to choose only a few of them. We decided to combine our personal favourites with the cards you have been buying the most – as those are propably your favourites. So here is our selection of 8 cards from our own collection, published in 2013. We choose 2 from The French Connection, 2 from The Dutch Connection and 4 of our general cards. From now untill January 5 they are available with almost a 50% discount! A little gift for you at the end of 2013 🙂

Next week we will be adding 8 cards from other publishers to the collection of Favourites of 2013! Have a favourite? Drop us a line and who knows we might add it!

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The Postcard Cure week 49 and 50: Christmas cards

It´s the season! As a fan of postcards, December is one of my favourite months. Even people that usually don´t send any postcards will send cards for Christmas so that means even more mail! I have already received my first Christmas card from an American postcardpal, so the time to start writing my own Christmas cards has finally arrived. Hooray! With all this information in mind, you probably won´t be surprised to read that the theme of this week and next weeks The Postcard Cure is Christmas cards! 2 weeks – as I think these are the weeks you will have to buy those cards – if you wait any longer, they will never arrive before Christmas! We have a special selection with Christmas cards – many of them for a nice price. There are 3 postcard sets with Christmas cards from some of your favourite publishers we want to give some extra attention to! And of course these cards come with our traditional The Postcard Cure discount!

Square cards Candy

Square cards Candy

Gwenaëlle Trolez Christmas Cards
Trolez postcards is one of the brands we introduced to you in 2013 after a tip of one of our favourite customers 🙂 We immediately fell in love with her cards and by now, we have quite a big selection of Gwenaëlles postcards in stock. Of course we had to add some of her great Christmas cards as well. We have some great giftcards – in a package of 6 – but we also made a set with a special price of her Candy-cards. Square cards, so extra special! The cards have a Christmas feeling, but as it doesn´t say Merry Chirstmas on them, we think you can send them year round! So this can also be purchased as a gift for someone special.

Santa in Venice!

Santa in Venice!

Inkognito Christmas Cards
Inkognito has a great selection of cards – the details don´t always show at a first glance but that is part of the charm of these cards. You can look at them again and again and see new things every time. Great! We already had some Christmas postcards from this German publisher, but now we also added a set with 3 greetingcards in a great Christmas style. Limited time only!

Cardcetera´s first Christmas card!

Cardcetera´s first Christmas card!

Cardcetera Christmas Cards
We didn´t want to do it at first, make our own Christmas cards in the Cardcetera Cards collection. But well when we saw this image we felt we had to do something with it and the only option was… make a Christmas card out of it! To introduce you to the Cardcetera Christmas Cards we have a special offer: 10 cards for only 5 euro instead of 7,90. And of course these 10 cards come with the free gift package! So you could also get one as a gift for a friend 🙂 This offer is valid untill December 23rd – but well if you want to send out the cards internationally, we would suggest you buy them a bit earlier 🙂

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The Postcard Cure week 48: Gifts

All Cardcetera sets come in a free gift wrap!

All Cardcetera sets come in a free gift wrap!

So this weeks The Postcard Cure is a bit different then you are used to: no selection of 6 themed card, but a whole page with special offers! Why? Well we are quickly approaching the festive month of December and we want to end this year with some great offers to our loyal customers. With Thanksgiving this week and the following famous Black Friday and Cyber Monday the time to really start buying your gifts is really here! Or maybe you still need to do some last minute Sinterklaas shopping?

A rack for postcards is a great gift

A rack for postcards is a great gift

If you don´t know what to ask for or what to give to your penpal or friend in a far away place we have some good news: we now have a special page on our site with holiday gifts! Some of them you can even customize. The Cardcetera Cards sets all come in a special gift package untill December 24th, so have a look at our section with themed postcard sets too! And we will be adding new gifts during December – with some very limited offers coming up so follow us on Facebook if you don´t want to miss any of the offers.

So, curious? Have a cup of coffee, take 5 minutes for yourself and and come see for yourself what special gifts we have to offer you. And as always: we will wrap your order in a nice way and add a little extra to it – so that even if you order for yourself, it feels like you are getting a present.

Next week in The Postcard Cure we will show you our selection with our favourite Christmas cards! O and remeber: still a week left to join our free give-away! You might just win a free gift that way.

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The Postcard Cure week 47: Zen

The Postcard Cure Zen The Postcard Cure is all about a zen-feeling on Monday morning. Now some of you might not need that – you might be happy that the weekend is over and that you can go back to work. We are guessing not many of you out there have that feeling do! With our weekly selection of a postcard theme and by offering you that weeks selection with a discount, we hope to offer you something that makes the start of the week a little more enjoyable. But of course you can also read and enjoy The Postcard Cure at any other day of the week or even in the weekend – when you have the time to have a good look at the cards we offer and spend some time shopping for them – in a relaxed, zen mood.

This being written, it is strange that we did not come up with the zen-theme before, as it is what this weekly post is all about. When we started looking for zen-cards, we realised we have many of them. So, we decided on focussing just on two publishers. One that is very wel known and really popular: Aquarupella. They have a lot of cards that say ´take a step back, look at this beatiful picture and enjoy.´ We choose 4 cards that make a nice set too. The other publisher is the lovely Anne Schackmann – her postcards are not so well known yet, but we hope to change all that as she captures the small details in a gorgeous way and is one of the nicest persons we met in the publishers world. Don´t want to look through all the cards? There is also a special themed set with zen postcards.

The Postcard Cure Zen 2You can now find all these great postcards by Aquarupella and Anne Schackmann in our store. The special discount prices are only valid for one week.

Next weeks theme will be gifts – as we are heading into December and that is the time to hand out gifts, we will give you some ideas for gifts that you can send out by mail to your penpals and friends or family living too far away to hand over the gifts in person. With a discount of course! And if you want to surprise someone for free – join our give-away!

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Cardcetera speelt voor Sinterklaas

~~ English version here! ~~

Speculaas bakken hoort voor ons bij Sinterklaas!

Speculaas bakken – het hoort voor ons bij Sinterklaas!

De Sinterklaasperiode is misschien wel de leukste periode van het jaar – kinderen kijken gespannen naar hun schoen (komt Sinterklaas langs die avond?!) en volwassenen zijn druk bezig met het maken van surprises en gedichten. Er hangt een mysterieus sfeertje – van wie krijg je een cadeautje en welke surprise hoort er bij? Lekker pepernoten en speculaas eten en misschien ook zelf bakken. Ja misschien vinden wij van Cardcetera Sinterklaas wel leuker dan Kerst – al heeft zo’n mooie boom in huis, met veel kaarten in de bus en een glaasje glühwein toch ook wel wat… Weet je wat, we kiezen gewoon niet tussen Sint en Kerst – goed?

Maar, we spelen dit jaar wel voor Sinterklaas! Af en toe krijgen wij namelijk de vraag of we kaarten willen geven aan een mooi project – soms een officieel project als Project Postvriend, soms ook van een klant met een penvriendin in een land waar het moeilijk is om aan kaarten te komen. We kunnen niet aan alle projecten meedoen – maar nu het Sinterklaastijd is willen we graag wat extra’s doen. Daarom Uitsnede, witte achtergrondkun jij nu ons vragen om een set van 10 kaarten aan iemand toe te sturen – iemand waarvan jij denkt ‘die kan wel een cadeautje gebruiken,’ om welke reden dan ook. Dat kan een leuke reden zijn – jullie zijn al 10 jaar penvriendinnen – maar ook een steuntje in de rug reden – je moeder is door haar rug gegaan en moet rust houden.

Laat ons weten wie jij een verrassing gunt en waarom dat zo is. Kiezen we deze persoon uit? Dan krijg jij van ons ook een set kaarten! We geven in totaal 3 keer 2 sets weg – verdeeld over de reacties op het Nederlandse en Engelse blog.

Hoe doe je mee?

  1. Plaats uiterlijk 30 november 2013 een reactie waarin je aangeeft wie je waarom zo’n mooie set kaarten zou gunnen.
  2. Stuur ons een berichtje op Facebook of een mailtje op met zowel het adres van de persoon die jij wil verrassen en je eigen adres.
  3. Je kunt maximaal 1 keer meedoen, dus maximaal 1 persoon opgeven.
  4. Wil je meer kans maken, like ons dan ook op Facebook, volg ons op Twitter en deel deze actie op Facebook en / of Twitter. Hoeft niet – maar je hebt er een extra winkans bij als je het wel doet.

Op zondag 1 december bepalen we de 3 winnaars en sturen we de pakketten op. 5 december plaatsen we de namen ook op ons blog en op Facebook!

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Cardcetera and Sinterklaas: win a set of postcards

~~ Nederlandse versie hier! ~~

Speculaas bakken hoort voor ons bij Sinterklaas!

Speculaas moulds -part of the Sinterklaas tradition!

Today, on Saturday the 16th of November, Sinterklaas arrives in The Netherlands – and he will stay untill his birthday on December 5th. A day he celebrates by giving children all sorts of gift – not just on his birthday, but also in the weeks before – and by having grown ups make poems and surprise packages for each other. A time filled with that feeling of ‘ what will I get, what will the poem say, is there a joke or is it all very serious.’ Also a time filled with the tradition of eating & baking  ‘pepernoten’ and speculaas – recipe in English here! No matter how old we get this time of year will always be special to us. Maybe even more special than Christmas – though the nicely decorated tree, many (Chrismas) postcards in our mailbox and a glass off glühwein is also very nice. Well you know what, we won’t make a choice which feast we like more, ok?

But, this year Cardcetera will celebrate Sinterlaas with a nice give-away! Every now and then, we get the question if we want to donate some postcards for a special project – sometimes for official projects like Project Postvriend, sometimes for people that are writing to penpals in countries where postcards are hard to get. We can’t participate in or sponsor all postcards – but now that it is Sinterlaas (a time of sharing), we want to do something special. So, we decided on a nice give-away!   You can ask us to send a set of 10 postcardsUitsnede, witte achtergrondto someone you think deserves an extra surprise gift. This can be any reason you think of – a happy one (you have been penpals for 10 years or friends since kindergarten) or a sad one (your mother needs bedrest as she has a hernia). Any reason you can think of is valid.

Let us know who you want to surprise with a great set of postcards and why you think that person deserves this gift. If we pick your person, you will also get a set of cards. We will be giving away 3 times 2 sets in total – so on the English and Dutch blog togheter.

So, what do you need to do to enter this give-away?

  1. Respond on the blog on November 30th, 2013 at the latest. Let us know in your response who you want to get this set of postcards and why you think he or she deserves this present.
  2. Send us a message on Facebook or send an e-mail to with the both the address of the person you want to surprise and your own address.
  3. You can only enter once, so you can only give us the name of one person.
  4. Want to have a bigger chance of winning this give-away? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share this give-away. You don’t have to do it – but there is an extra chance you will win if you do share our news.

On Sunday, December 1st we will decide who the winners are and send out the packages. On December 5th, the day of Sinterklaas’ birthday, will also post the names on the blog and on Facebook!

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